About me

This is the website of Ricardo Sanz, professor in systems engineering and automatic control and researcher in the field of autonomous systems at Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid and Center for Automation and Robotics.

In this site you will find information regarding my research and teaching activitiy as well as pointers to other sources of information that may be of interest to you. Feel free to explore the site and to suggest any improvement to it.

I do most of my research activity as part of the UPM Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASLab). ASlab is a systems research group of ample interests, ranging from conventional automatic process control and real-time computing systems to model-based engineering processes and artificial intelligence for robots.

My teaching activity is done in the UPM ETSII, where I mainly teach artificial intelligence, systems engineering and software technology.

AI for autonomy is, indeed, my main topic of interest. To be more precise, I’m interested in autonomous systems general theory and engineering methods, I delve with artificial and natural autonomouos systems within the long term engineering objective of producing science and technology to be able to systematically create better autonomous machines by means of improving their knowledge and intelligence

Knowledge is power; especially for autonomous systems.